For Parents/ Students

1. Register yourself

Register yourself with us. Within 24 hours, our helpdesk will reach out to you over a phone call and ask you about your requirements. Immediately, a database search would begin from our side.

2. Finding the right tutor

After analyzing and understanding your requirements, our back-office team will begin its rigorous search process and find a tutor as per your needs.

3. Meeting with tutor

After shortlisting a tutor, we will get in touch with you and schedule a meeting / free demo class at the earliest possible, as per the convenience of all concerned.

4. Getting on-board

Lastly, you can directly negotiate the rates with the tutor and come to a mutual agreement with him/her on both the mode and the terms of payment. Congrats! You are ready to begin with classes.

For Tutors

1. Receiving a query

The moment we receive an email or a query call from the parents/students, a database search is initiated by our back office team.

2. Sharing details of student

The registered tutor(s) matching the criteria, as specified by the parent will be informed about the requirements and student-related information via an email and SMS.

3. Meeting parent/student

We will then arrange a meeting of the selected tutor with the parent/student, for a paid demo class, as per the convenience of all concerned.

4. Negotiating the terms

The tutor is free to discuss, negotiate and offer a reasonable, hourly/weekly / fortnightly and monthly rates directly to the parents. After reaching a mutual agreement you are ready to begin with the classes.

Things to keep in mind

1. The tutor needs to give advance notice of minimum 30 days to the parents and 'Home Tuition India' if he or she wants to discontinue a particular assignment due to any reason.

2. There are no restrictions on the number of assignments that we will share with each registered tutor.

3. We do not provide any search option to the tutor or the student/parent, as we believe that it is the responsibility of ‘Home Tuition India' to guide you through the entire process.